Who are you?

Bobsmade is a little brand for custom handmade gear and fresh organic apparel, run mainly by one german artist. 


Do you ship outside Europe?

Yes, worldwide.


Where do I find the prices?
Directly at the pages -> Shoes, Headphones, Glasses ...


How long will it take?

For non custom made products we mostly send within the next 3 days. Custom Products need time to be made. It usually takes between 4 and 6 weeks to get to you. Depending on shipment and how many orders we got at the moment.


What is my European shoe/shirt size?
Have a look at the labels on shoes and shirts you already have, or have a look at this list.


How can I pay?
Payment Options You can pay via Paypal and inside Europe also do a bank transfer payment.


Do I pay before or after your work is done?

I buy the item after I have the money - so you pay me before.


Can you first do a sketch for me?
Because a lot of people would take the sketch and run away, I start my work after I be paid. I hope you understand, by the mass of inquiries we got.


The sketch itself will be a fast, ugly drawing of what's in my mind.
You also can send me pictures or sketches of the stuff you would like to have in the design. But keep in mind, I'm an artist, no Copy-Paste machine. I want to create new things :)


Do you accept any ideas which you may be able to modify?

Basically yes, as long it can be done in my style.


How do you create all these artworks on usable products?


Have a look here, we made a Tutorial for shoes and headphones.


What kind of paint do you use?
We use only highest quality paints.

"Acrylic Paint by Lukas" and "Faber Castell Multimark waterproof pens". Both are waterproof and will not crack for a long time.





What do you use to paint on headphones?

One4All Refill 180ml or Montana Acylics POSCA MARKER and ZIG Posterman Marker would be an option, too.





How should I clean or wash my painted item?
For the shoes you can take a cloth and bit of water.
Shirts, you can handwash (it's always better) or wash them at 40 C° in the washing machine.



Do you sell in any stores?
No, we just sell online on this page.


Can you also draw on other shoes? How much would it cost?
Check out the most common SendIn items here. If you can't find anything you like, just send us an E-Mail at and add the model you would like to get customized. It's always the best thing to order the shoes online at a German shop and get them shipped to us, since we can't have all of them on stock. 


We only charge 80 - 150 € to customize these shoes.

You also can send in old shoes if you want to give them a fresh look. :)


How much does it cost in US dollars ( in your currency ) ?

You can convert your currency here.


Why are these shoes soooo expensive?

It's all hand made, with so much time and passion. First of all there's the shoes, then there's the actual work, then there's things like materials and taking time to post, package and ship them. Really, it's not that expensive. Also, I write all mails myself, so that's a real customer support.


For any further questions, email :

We reply within a maximum of 24 hours.





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