06. March 2023
Depeche Mode Chucks
To celebrate the new Depeche Mode Tour „Memento Mori" Marlen give these to a friend who love the song "Shake the Disease".
09. November 2022
Northern Lite Band Chucks
26. July 2022
Ukraine War Illustration
I made this Illustration on the first day of war in the Ukraine. Familys escape from home with no destination, loading their phones at truck stores und young Russian soldier who don't know whats up either. ... and it still goes on.
10. June 2022
Colorful Stan Smith
Custom Stan Smiths for a Air Traffic Controller
05. June 2022
GoFlink Adidas
Shoes customised in the CI of a delivery service
31. May 2022
Okami Chucks Autumn Style
19. May 2022
My Neighbor Totoro Backpack
The good vibe of totoro on your back
06. March 2022
VW Beetle Shoes
A green bug on its way
24. December 2021
Family Portraits
We are all parents now
05. September 2021
Himpelchen und Pimpelchen - ChildrensBook
A picturebook I made from a german finger play for little children.

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