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Bobsmade was founded in 2007 by an art student from Germany, to customize every day products with a unique design. The concept became quite popular and got a good momentum going. Now, as a freelance illustrator, Bobsmade tells you how everything started! >>


The connection to the internet really changed my life, because i get the chance to reach a mass of people from all around the world with my work.


My style is kind of doodling. I start here, move over there and put everything random that hits my mind into the drawing.

I invest much time and love in every piece I design.  I like to try out lot of things, I want to make every idea come true, not in a few weeks, I want the result NOW. Thats why customizations are the perfect job. 


2010 I dropped out of university where I studied fine arts and founded together with my younger brother.
2011 Annatar and Pika joned the artteam and take the internation orders usally from America and Australia.

2012 My brother left for university.

2013 We paint daily and try to do the best job for you :)


Just paint anything!

Bobsmade Items are shipped this way
Bobsmade Items are shipped this way

Feel Free to text me!

To contact Bobsmade go to this page ->

That's the direct contact to the Designer.

Bobsmade can do a lot for you. Almost any Design Job is possible.

  • Customizations
  • Paintings
  • Webdesign + Coding
  • Corporate Design
  • Producing Shirts for your Club or Team
  • Logo Design
  • Videos
  • Photography

And anything else that has got to do with visual art. I focus on the highest quality, fast service and a healthy environment.


We are artists and no resellers or store folks. Money isn't the main thing. It's peace and happiness. So keep in touch!



Bobsmade Models

look good ♥



If you run a blog or magazine, we would be very happy if you spread the word of our work. Here are all logos you may need. Right click on the icon and "save as" to get the vector file.





Firms:  Faber Castell, LEVIS, EDDING, SNEAKER MAG, SECRET WARS, ORANGE JUNGLE streetwear store, QUIKSILVER, Garanti, ARTSPROJEKT, DAILY MILK Store, Doclab, RedBull, Jimdo


Musicians: VIELZUKRANK, Raumakustik, Champion Sound, Smash Up Bros, and several DJs


AND HUNDREDS OF PRIVAT CLIENTS :) ...and these are the jobs we enjoy the most, because there comes so much love from a satisfied client who uses and feels their unique piece of art.