HOW does the ordering process work here ?

  1. Select a customizable item at  // Choose from shoes, glasses, headphones and many more
  2. Think about what you would like as a design // If you can describe it, we can paint it.
  3. Add the item to your cart // Be sure to select the correct size from our size charts.
  4. Select the cart and write down your wishes in the form "Notes about this order". Try to focus on one theme, if fan art characters, reduce them to 2-4. Let us know the style ( cartoony, realistic)  & colors you like. Maybe you have a draft or artwork, just add a link.  . 

5. Pay and finish your order. You will get an automatic confirmation via email & your order will get on the waiting list. 

6. I try to send you a mockup within 24 hours. Sorry if it takes a little longer sometimes.

7. If you like, we can start your order when it's your turn. That depends on the current waiting list (its long before holidays, so order soon).

    2-4 weeks is the usual time for design and shipping, up to 8 weeks in peak times.

8. As soon as your artwork is finished, we send you a photo. You can also see it on all social networks like Facebook, deviantArt and tumblr.

9. We usually send out packages on fridays. Check the delivery time here. And yes, we ship WORLDWIDE!

10. be super happy about your item! It's worth the waiting!

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We make you happy, you make us happy