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Because I'm a designer and not a print company I made a change on custom clothing items. Now you can order a digital design in the quality and size you need. Print it as many times as you want, you save shipping time and shipping costs!

If you want you can get some advice on how to place the design on the clothing and what background color would fit it best.


The only difference is, you pay Bobsmade for the design and can have it printed yourself wherever you want. If you like I will give you a list with the best ones for your location.


Step one     - Choose the option that works best for you        

Easy Fast Design


Small and easy design about A6 in size (of course you can scale it).

For a card, iphone case or even some clothing, you can even duplicate and repeat the design to get a whole pattern out of it.


16,00 €

  • in Stock

Medium Design


Medium detailed design about A4 in size.

Perfect for one of a kind presents like T-Shirts, Hoodies & Sweaters or to get a phone case printed. 


30,00 €

  • in Stock

Big Design


Pro design about A3 in size.

Perfect for one of a kind presents like allover print Sweaters, wall art for your living room or even custom bedsheets? 


Working hours invested:   Up to 7 hours for your colored design.  


60,00 €

  • in Stock

Step Two     - Choose a print company to finish the job

You are a print company? Let's connect! :)  Send me a message to