Your imagination is the only limit

Although we have many basic items in stock, we want to give you the opportunity to send in some of your personal items. That might be brand name shoes, skatedecks, cameras, bags, stuff you need in the kitchen, or whatever.  Almost everything can get painted and individualized with an awesome bobsmade artwork! :D


Please let us know what your wishes might be, and we will try to make your dream come true!  Contact



price guide

(only for the paint job, item not included)


Nike Dunk - 140€ /  Nike Air Max - 150€ / Glasses - 40€ /  Jackets back - 90€ / Skatedeck - 100€ / High Heels - 100€ / Pillow - 50€ / Bike Frame - 200€ / Helmet - 130€  / Laptop Case - 80€ / Headphones - 80€

That's just for orientation. If you'd like to get more simple designs it could be less, or more expensive for very detailed designs. 



We collected the most common SendIn Items for you. Just click on the item below to choose your size and details. :)




Please note: you may send packages only from EU Countries. 

As an alternative you could buy your base item from a German or UK web store. If needed we could look up the item you are looking for and send you a link. BUT you would have to purchase it yourself and have it sent to us. ( We are located in Germany)


Let's do it! :)

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