Everything will change...

HI folks. You may noticed i was quite for a while, with a very good reason.

We get a Baby!

And thats a good time to overthink my life and business. 

I'm freelancer since 8 years now and painted on shoes since 2006, I'm happy with all the goals i reached  within my "art career" and personal life (Honey, this is you).

Its maybe time to focus on my other talents and interests, and experiment with other mediums than mainly on clothes. I just hope i don't disappoint you because you are saving up for a pair of custom bobsmade shoe since years.


Heads up!  I will use my website www.bobsmade.com as platform to sale my original paintings and stuff for a limited time range. IF nobody buys it, i will burn it down.  


Thanks much for your support though all the years.


Anne aka Bobsmade




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