Shoes and headphones are not the only things i can paint on. Paper and Canvas, aswell as digital does it fine too. So if you need a cute little monster as a gif animation for your Blog, or you are a writer and want to puplish a book, I would love to work with you. Illustrations can also be fine for Party Flyers, Cards, Birthday presents, Car stickers...

T-Shirt Design, Merch


For exemple you have a firm

Your own Website or Online Store


You want to present yourself nice and professinal online, or have some goodies for sale? You looking for a website like mine?  


In recent years, I have gained much experience of what works and simply looks good. You have to communicate with pictures more than words.

And images are exactly my thing :) I'm no programmer, but i can help you a lot on the design and social media part if you are an absolutly newbie on this.


Check out the websites i desiged recently: