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Here you get pictures to pimp your phone, desktop and facebook. And some Color In-Pages for lazy days or great designer Files for your own work. Feel free to download, use and share.

Bobsmade Calendar

Bobsmade 2014 Calendar
Have you missed to set up a Calendar for 2014?
Here is one free for you.

Its a selection of my favorite digital artworks between 2010 and 2013.
Bright colors, easy layout.

How it works:

1. Right click on download, select " Download Linked file "

2. Save somewhere you can find it, and unzip the file.

3. Select 2 images each A4 paper when it goes to print. Or 4 if you want just a tiny calendar

4. Cutting off the edges, et voilá you have functional helper on your desk and monthly a new bobsmade inspiration.
Bobsmade 2014 Calendar.zip
Compressed Archive in ZIP Format [16.5 MB]

Colour in Pages

Free Facebook Timeline Covers

Old Look Doodle
classic bobsmade Facebook Cover.jpg
JPG Image [336.2 KB]

Donut Pattern
Donut Facebook Cover.jpg
JPG Image [396.1 KB]

Panda Crowd
Panda Facebook Cover.jpg
JPG Image [233.3 KB]

You Hipster
Mustache Facebook Cover.jpg
JPG Image [374.8 KB]

Black and white linework
Bobsmade lines Facebook Cover.jpg
JPG Image [230.7 KB]

Paints Family
JPG Image [284.2 KB]

iPad/ iPhone Backgrounds

Bobsmade Desktop Background

Click the picture, a new window will open, right click, save it as. And you got a new Wallpaper

Useful Designer Items

Customize Videos in full quality

How to customize your VANS
Here you see all the steps I do when I customize a pair of Vans. Materials you need: some shoes, acrylic paint and waterproof pens for the outlines.
Custom Vans.mp4
MP4 Video/Audio File [10.0 MB]

Bobsmade free Fonts

Freeware fonts for you to use ! It´s a .ttf filetype.
Just download and copy the file into system->fonts  
Should be usable by Windows, MacOs X and linux.